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Arkansas Government Job
The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Inspector is responsible for conducting field inspections of public and privately-owned air, water, and solid waste permitted facilities. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency/institution policy.
Typical Functions
Conducts on-site inspections of municipal, industrial, and public and privately owned regulated facilities to ensure compliance with environmental laws and restrictions. Inspects pollution control devices and water treatment facilities for proper installation, operation, and condition. Reviews and verifies records required by permit or regulation, reporting procedures, and sampling and analytical techniques utilized by facility. Prepares inspection reports, including a narrative, if violations are found, and a letter to permit owners, confirming compliance/citing violations and recommending remedial action required. Collects environmental samples for laboratory analysis and takes photographs to document findings. Investigates complaints of air, water, and solid waste pollution on regulated, permitted, and non-permitted sites, determines validity of complaint, cites violations of state and/or federal laws and regulations, documents findings, and assists violator in correcting the problem; may conduct follow-up investigations. Responds to emergency situations and monitors clean-up ensuring that all efforts are made to contain and/or remove pollutants in order to eliminate or minimize environmental impact, and prepares incident report documenting findings. Performs other duties as assigned.
Special Job Dimensions
Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills
Knowledge of state and federal environmental regulations. Knowledge of investigation standards and procedures. Knowledge of the principles of natural and environmental sciences affecting pollution control. Knowledge of scientific testing equipment and analytic procedures utilized to determine compliance with regulations. Ability to conduct on-site scientific inspections, evaluate findings, and determine compliance with environmental regulations. Ability to obtain emission data samples for laboratory analysis. Ability to compile data and prepare reports. Ability to respond to emergency situations and monitor containment/removal of pollutants. Ability to train others in pollution control procedures.
Minimum Education and/or Experience
The formal education equivalent of a bachelor''s degree in biology, chemistry, environmental science, health science, mathematics, or a related field; plus one year of experience in pollution control related activities. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management. OTHER JOB RELATED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE MAY BE SUBSTITUTED FOR ALL OR PART OF THESE BASIC REQUIREMENTS, EXCEPT FOR CERTIFICATION OR LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS, UPON APPROVAL OF THE QUALIFICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE.
Preferred Qualifications
PREFER: Experience in and working knowledge of hazardous waste regulations.
Special Application Information:
Valid AR drivers license required.
Agency vehicle assigned for business use.
Emergencies may require work after normal business hours.
Certificates, Licenses, Registrations
Agency Specific Information
WORK IN THE: Hazardous Waste Division, North Little Rock office.
SALARY: Starting salary is $33,861. A higher starting salary would apply only if a promotional opportunity for a current State employee.
DUTIES INCLUDE: Conduct routine compliance evaluation inspections (pursuant to Regulation No. 23) of generators and treatment/storage/disposal facilities; conduct complaint investigations; collect samples for laboratory analysis; prepare written reports; prepare correspondence to facilities; review and provide comments on plans/permits/reports; provide support to Enforcement Section; complete data entry logs; provide compliance/technical assistance to industry, other government offices, and the general public; respond to emergency situations and monitor clean up; and perform other related duties.
REQUIRED Participation in the ADEQ-Hazardous Substances Medical Monitoring Program is required in this position. Must be capable of wearing Personal Protective Equipment, including full-face respirator.
REQUIRED: Frequent travel with occasional overnight stay.
REQUIRED: Copy of college transcript must be received by March 28, 2014. Application is NOT complete and will not be processed without copy of transcript. Submit copy of transcript for these positions via one of the following methods:
1) e-mail: .ar.us
2) fax
3) mail: Human Resources, 5301 Northshore Dr., North Little Rock, AR 72118
Applications are screened from information on State Application. List ALL work and/or volunteer experience in "Employment Work History" Section. Resume WILL NOT Substitute. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
If you are a Veteran, Disabled Veteran or a Surviving Spouse of a Deceased Veteran and remain unmarried at the time you are seeking preference and you are a citizen and resident of this state, you shall be entitled to Veteran''s Preference. Please submit the DD-214 and other official documentation to one of the following:
1) e-mail: .ar.us
2) fax
3) mail: Human Resources, 5301 Northshore Dr., North Little Rock, AR 72118
Direct Deposit of net pay checking and/or savings account is required for employment Act 1887 of 2005 .
5% Mandatory contribution to AR Public Employee Retirement System.
Tobacco Free State Agency.
New employees hired in 2014 or later will be automatically enrolled into the Arkansas Diamond Deferred Compensation 457 Plan with a 3% automatic deduction. You have 90 days from your first deduction to opt out if you decide not to participate.

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